Mini Meters Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd. Blog Latest Products Sun, 26 May 2024 08:22:59 +0530 en-us Tachometer Drives offer vital assistance to drivers Thu, 21 May 2015 11:43:42 +0530 Today, tachometer drives are used in many advanced motors belonging to automobiles, trucks, tractors and also airplanes. As engines get sophisticated, the need for tachometer drives suppliers have also increased. These devices are essential indicators to allow drivers to check the rotation speeds of the vehicle. Different Models There are different models of a tachometer available on the market. A driver always needs to know when he should be changing the gears and using the throttle. Vehicles that are on the run for long need checking of the device. After a period of time, the rotations per speed limit may get affected and will need lubrication. Over heating can also be a problem for drivers in certain climatic conditions. The need for accurate readings calls for the best indicators. Here are some appropriate models that are in business across the world. Currently, the different models that can be found easily on the web by reputed suppliers, and makers are: Tachometer Drive Reva (OM) Weighing 0.15/0.00 kgs. Tachometer Drive AssyOem P/No: D10056270 weighing 0.26/0.00 kgs Tachometer Drive (MM-1114) Tachometer Drive AssyBemiOem P/No:11Z2300057 Weighing 0.23/0.00 Tachometer Drive (T-73) Oem P/No: D10029500 weighing 0.31/0.00 kgs Tachometer Drive (T-77) Oem P/No: D10009900 weighing 0.25/0.00 kgs Whom to contact for these devicesWith the help of the Internet, it is always possible to get in touch with the right vendors who supply specific devices for speed-readings. If you are looking for the above models, the tachometer drives suppliers can offer delivery at the premises. Each model is reliable, proven with tests and ability to function at its optimum level. These models are also resistant to continuous usage. This makes them extremely valuable to the drivers. Suppliers keep the stock in the warehouse from where they are sent to the clients in the international market. The website has images of the product, and enquiries can be made directly to the supplier via email or phone. A reputed manufacturer who has been in the industry for more than three decades is likely to offer the best deals. As e-commerce prevails, the need for the digital platform is an asset for suppliers of this critical device on a global platform. Measuring of speed of wheels in motion has been a challenge since its invention. Luckily, there are enough makes that keep evolving the device for better readings and safe journeys. Various Components of Electronic Instrument Clusters Wed, 01 Jul 2015 10:57:43 +0530 An Electronic Instrument Cluster is used in automobile. It makes an important part of the set of instrumentation called digital speedometer in an automobile. Electronic Instrument Cluster was first used in a “production automobile” in the year 1976. This article provides information about Various Components of Electronic Instrument Clusters . Please continue reading to get briefed! This write-up would prove to be very informative. The various components of Electronic Instrument Clusters are given below: Electronic Instrument Clusters comprise of instrument cluster electronics (IKE). Electronic Instrument in India also has display unit (AE). There is also a IKE, which is made to go inside the display unit. In IKE, there are bus interfaces. These interfaces let the information link to the connected control units to establish. These buses are I-bus (instrumentation bus), K-bus (body bus), Diagnosis bus (link to diagnostic socket) and CAN bus. The coding data is used to assimilate the instrument cluster electronics (IKE)’s scope. A non-volatile memory is used to store the coding data. The data stays intact in an event supply of voltage is discontinued.  The Electronic Instrument Clusters’ display unit has many display and indicator instruments and their number is determined by the model of the vehicle.  Every display and indicator instrument is present in the display unit. There are also indicator lamps, display instruments and LCD module in the display unit.  An instrument cluster works by determining the engine speed and for the purpose from the control unit uses the engine speed signal. The two lever-type sensors are used for measuring the tank content. These are hinged to the instrument cluster electronics (IKE). There is a defined draining on the tank’s left and right side. On the tank’s right connection, a landscape rectangle is stamped and on the tank’s left side connection, an upright rectangle is stamped.  Instrument cluster can assimilate the current coolant temperature easily from coolant temperature sensor.  The coolant temperature sensor is attached to the instrument cluster electronics (IKE). Body bus (K-bus) and instrument bus (I-bus) are used for transferring the "coolant temperature" information. The display from terminal R "ON" depicts the current mileage. The LC display exhibits the distance covered on a trip.   There are several Electronic Instrument Clusters Suppliers in India. One can place any quantity order. The Electronic Instrument Clusters provided by the suppliers are of preeminent quality. The suppliers also vouch delivery within stipulated time frame. Specifications & Features of Flexible Drive Cables Tue, 23 Jul 2019 14:41:33 +0530 Flexible drive cables are used in a variety of industries to transfer the rotary power. They could be used in a number of industries like agriculture, construction, food, marine, industrial cleaning, automotive, and much more. These flexible drive cables can be purchased from trusted flexible drive cables manufacturers across the globe. If you are also planning to get your hands on a good quality flexible drive cables, here are some of the key features and specification of flexible drive cables that you can check before buying them.    Material Of The Wire: The material of the wire plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the wire. The resistance, flow, and voltage, etc., of the wire, depends on the material itself and one should be careful in choosing the right type. Typically, flexible drive wires are made from copper and PVC.    Thickness Of The Wire: The thickness of the wire is another important feature that one should see when buying flexible drive wires. The flexibility of the wires depends largely on the thickness that it has. Typically, a good flexible drive wire is around 4.5 to 5 mm thick. This ensures that the wire bends easily without breaking off at all.    Color Of The Wire: Now, this is just about appearance. While one can find flexible drive wires in various colors, one color that typically catches most attention is black. Not just that, these drive wires should also match the other tools and material of the machine. SO, check the color of the drive shaft and you can find drive wire in similar color only.    Voltage They Carry: The voltage that the drive wires can transfer is another aspect to check when buying flexible drive wires. It is advisable to buy drive wires from flexible drive wire manufacturers that at least promise a voltage of 110V.    Usage Of The Wire: The next thing to keep in mind is where these wires can be typically used. While there are some drive wires that can be used in homes, there are others that are meant to be used for industrial purposes only. Determine your requirement before buying and it is usually recommended to buy drive wires that can easily be used for both home as well as industrial applications.    High Ductility: Being ductile is the ability of a metal to be formed into thin wires. So, high ductility is certainly an important trait to be checked in flexible drive wires. If you are also planning to but flexible drive wires, make sure that it is highly ductile in nature.    Heavy Duty: The usage of drive wires vary largely and it is important that they display high durability. Even if the wires are used on heavy-duty, they should be able to last longer.    Flexible drive wires are used for various applications in different industries. If you are also looking for a good quality flexible drive wire, the above-mentioned specifications and features are what you should consider. Top Factors for Choosing the Perfect Voltmeter Tue, 15 Oct 2019 10:54:38 +0530 For those who are trying to measure different levels of electricity, you need to make sure that you are finding the right device for all of your needs. This means that you are going to want to think about who are the top voltmeter manufacturer in India that you can get the devices from along with what factors to consider. Here are just some of the main factors that one always needs to think about before purchasing anything, so keep reading to know more.   Factors for choosing a voltmeter There is so much that one would need to consider before looking at the products from the voltmeter manufacturer in India, including what products they have. There are also plenty of factors that would help you to choose the right one, including: • Application and Needs – You should think about why you would need this device and what you would be using it to measure. Once you have this information, then you can look at the devices that would fit your needs no matter what they might be. • Price – Another factor that you would want to think about is just how much money you have set aside to purchase the device. Think about this and then find the device that would give you value for what you are paying for, which could come with various features, models and brands. • Features – Also, you should make sure that you are thinking about the features that you might want to have. Some of the main features include either an analogue or digital device and what it can measure, such as continuity, resistance, frequency and volts. • Brand – Make sure that you are looking at the reviews and that you are finding which brand is going to be the best. Think about what people are saying about the customer service along with how the device functioned and much more. • Recommendations – Finally, ensure that you are asking people who have used these devices before what they recommend. You want to find out what they thought of the devices and whether they were satisfied with the device and how it functioned. These are all essential facts that you need to ensure that you are taking into consideration. Go ahead and talk to the experts in voltmeter manufacturer in India to see what they would recommend so that you can get the device that can fit all of your needs, including your budget. You should make sure when it comes to any product you are ensuring that you are looking at the factors to help you choose. This also works with the voltmeter manufacturer in India and what product you are going to purchase from them. You want to think about the usage and applications that you can use the device for along with the price, brand, and what features are available. These tips can help you to make the right choice, so why not ask the experts any questions that you might have to make the decision easier and faster when it comes down to it? How Does A Temperature Gauge Work? Mon, 23 Dec 2019 11:39:43 +0530 There are three types of temperatures that interest a motorist, including the water in the cooling system, the engine lubricating oil and also the outside air. As the automobile manufacturers enhanced the dashboards of the car from the Speedo gauge to rudimentary gauge, they used two types of gauge instead, one is mechanical and the other is electrical. The mechanical gauge has a sensing element that is a metal bulb that has a liquid with low freezing point and a high coefficient of expansion. It is connected directly to with capillary tube directly to bourbon tube and diaphragm. When heated, the fluid expands, and the gauge pointer inside the scale moves across the short scale. An amplifying mechanical linkage can be included with the instrument case so that the longer and circular scale can be employed. The electrical gauge used in the thermistor bead is mounted with the metal bulb as the transmitter or sensing element.   The Thermistor The thermistor is a device that has variable electrical resistance and the ambient temperature can be determined. When cold, the resistance is high and when hot, the resistance is low. When the ignition is switched on the vehicle’s battery provides power to the vehicle’s battery. The indicator material is either a bimetal strip type or sometimes the common moving coil. Thermometer mounted on the most visible place on the radiator cap is one of the earliest types of the water temperature gauge. A later type that is suitable for both water and soil temperature measurement employs a bimetal strip device that is enclosed within the heating coil for both the transmitter and dashboard indicator. When the engine is first switched on, the battery alone heats the coil, which means the vehicle’s battery coil and that the battery current is soaring. The indicator metal strip heats up and the pointer lives to is attached to its cold position. As the engine starts, the oil or the water has its own heating effect on the bimetal transmitter strip so that the current is drawn less from the battery.   The Water Temperature The most important temperature that it is to be known is the cooling system water. However, accurate measurement is not required, calibration is not more than the ‘cold’ rising to ‘hot’ with the normal temperature opting to 80 to 85 degrees Celsius, somewhere between the two given temperatures. The sensing element is placed in the thermostat housing or on the top of the cylinder block. It is essential for the driver to know of any high-temperature water. Most of the water-cooled vehicle is fitted with the cooling system gauge.   Boiling temperature or weather, especially in the start-stop traffic, can produce high gauge reading, which will go down once the conditions become normal, and it is cold again. The temperature gauge is a wry essential thing that needs to be installed in the automobiles, which is why temperature gauge manufacturer India is increasing. Before one install it should be knowing how it works and its uses. Tips to Help You Understand Something Is Wrong With Your Car Fuel Gauge Thu, 12 Mar 2020 16:18:01 +0530 Cars are no longer an item of luxury but have become an essential part of everyday converse. It could be frustrating and worrisome of you see that you are running low on gas on your way to your office or dropping your kids to school. Some of us make sure that there is always some gas in the tank to be prepared for any kind of emergencies of both work and home. But if you happen to experience a problem with fuel gauge it becomes impossible to know how much fuel in your car tank. Since fuel gauge is an important component of your car we should pay close attention to them. Listed below are few tips to know whether you are experiencing any problem with your car fuel gauge. • Fluctuation in Fuel Gauge Fuel gauge does not provide entirely accurate reading and can vary due to several reasons. But the most prominent reason that indicates that there is a problem in your car fuel gauge is that there is a vast difference between what the fuel gauge readings and the amount of fuel you have in your tank. If you have an empty tank or a full tank or the reading fluctuates but the fuel gauge is unable to provide the amount of right amount of fuel in the tank it is a time that you should take your car to a mechanic. • Problems with Fuel Gauge Sender A fuel gauge sender is a device that is located in the fuel tank. This device helps to measure the amount of fuel in your tank with the help of an attached metal rod which measures electrical flow. The clear indication that something is wrong with the fuel gauge sender is that the readout in the fuel gauge in the dash is incorrect. • Bad Fuse or Wiring Another important thing to keep in mind while you are experiencing problems with fuel gauge is the bad fuse or wiring. Testing for bad wiring can be time-consuming as there can be much reason for bad wiring has become loose, dirty, corroded, or have worn down insulation This is something that you should get fixed immediately by taking the car to a professional to get the right diagnosis. If the fuse for the instrument panel has been blown, make sure you replace it so that you can drive hassle-free to any desired location. You need to keep an eye on your fuel gauge to ensure that it is working properly. The above-mentioned tips will help you get an idea of whether or not your fuel gauge is working correctly. However, if you experience any problem with your fuel gauge make sure to get it fixed by a reputed car mechanic get quality service and genuine replaced car parts. There is various fuel gauge manufacturers in India that offer premium quality products at market competitive prices both in the market space and online.